Founded in 2014, BETANZAM CHEMICALS SRL, is part of a business group of Capital Dominico - Venezolano, based in the city of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic.

Our services

We offer a diversity of services ranging from consulting and advisory to commercial distribution partnerships with international companies

Our products

We have an interesting portfolio of chemical and food raw materials for industry and commerce.


We are part of a business group from Dominico – Venezolano, established in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic since year 2014. We offer Food grade Chemical Raw Materials and Technician, Food Raw Materials for Industry and Agroindustry, and we have the Diversey brand Distribution, one of the companies world leaders in the field of cleaning chemicals and disinfection. We serve clients in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Port Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, among other Caribbean islands.
Manage efficiently and effectively the delivery of solutions in products and services; with high quality standards (in due time and form), required by our associated clients; In addition, provide structured projects according to your needs. With the endorsement of a human capital with proven experience and committed to the values of the organization, always with the aim of guaranteeing mutually beneficial relationships with and for our clients, which allow us to achieve their loyalty over time.
Consolidate ourselves as a solid and stable company, with the trust and credibility of clients in the national and international market. Additionally, with a strategic direction based on an organizational culture that is supported by our corporate values as the cornerstone of sustained growth, maintaining full satisfaction and the development of our human capital.

At BETANZAM CHEMICAL S.R.L., we consider it essential to maintain an appropriate organizational climate, which allows the achievement of the goals set at the managerial level and individually by each of its members, without leaving aside the expectations of our clients. That is why our values are based on:

  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Dedication to the client
  • Excellence
  • Ambient
  • Quality
  • Wellness
  • Commitment and sense of belonging

Business Units

Diversey Authorized Distributor


Authorized Distributors of the Diversey brand for the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We are part of the team of Auditors and Advisors of Diversey Consulting, for the entire Caribbean region.

Consulting and Audit Services


Consulting for quality processes, hygiene, food safety and operational improvements for food and beverage industries, hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, supermarket chains among others.

Chemical Raw Materials


We have a wide variety of products, aimed at different industrial sectors such as Agrochemicals and Agroindustry, water and pool treatments, Paper, Paintings, Cardboard and Soap.

Food Raw Materials


Focused on products aimed at the Agroindustrial sector, we have products such as Fish Meal, Substitute for Fish Meal and Kaolin.

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