Diversey Remote Guidance
Teleasistencia Digital

Diversey Consulting with the aim of providing continuous service provision in the operation of clients in times of crisis, implements DIVERSEY REMOTE GUIDANCE, a digital telecare platform, already existing for TCS at a global level, where using augmented reality it is possible to interact with each other and with clients, showing real-time evaluations in different facilities through a program that allows 2 views to be superimposed in real time, increasing collaborative assistance from anywhere.

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Through the use of this technology, the audit service was innovated, benefiting our retail customers and food and non-food manufacturing plants that, due to their internal biosafety protocols, do not allow third parties to enter, or because of their location, it is not possible. the displacement of the audit team.

If you are interested in the implementation of these biosecurity processes, contact us and we will respond to your concerns as soon as possible.