Food safety management consulting

Support us to strengthen your business culture in food safety.

Betanzam Chemicals as executing partner of the food safety management services offered by Diversey Consulting, provides business support from the construction of a solid food safety infrastructure, to training and monitoring the effectiveness of your food safety program.

Food supply chains are becoming more complex due to media scrutiny, stricter food safety regulations, and growing societal concerns such as food waste management. Betanzos Chemicals, executes the independent consultancy of Diversey Consulting, specialized in solutions for food safety, risk management and brand protection. Our offer includes: audit, training, laboratory analysis, personalized consulting and an innovative digital quality and food safety platform.

  Global coverage, local expertise

Being the executing partner of Diversey Consulting we have extensive experience in managing food security throughout the Caribbean. With more than 20 clients in Central America, we make up the network of experts in the food safety industry, chemical graduates and food engineers, specialized in the company’s food sectors. Our focus is to educate, train and guide our customers on how to address their food safety concerns.

  We are your food safety architects


Comprehensive and cost-effective training solutions. We help your staff implement appropriate behavior in terms of food safety, which has to do with people’s behavior, attitude and proactivity. Simply put: safe behavior makes food safe.


Get a clear view of the health of your food safety system with our audit tools. We can validate the efficiency of your food safety system and give you peace of mind that your operation complies with food safety regulations and standards. With an external audit of your operation, we monitor your network to ensure compliance with the values and procedures defined in your code of practice.

Let us help you address your food safety challenges with the most efficient tools and concepts.